Latest News:

I was a speaker at Symposium of Fundations and Applications of Blockchain. My topic is Towards a Trusted Social Network through Blockchain Technology. Our paper can be found here, and our slides can be found here.

Old News:

Have a look at the promotional video of my grad-school capstone project:

(The video is on YouTube, might be unavailable in your region.)
More information about Scaling Up Deep Learning on Clusters can be found here.

My name is Quan-Lai Li. I started working as a software engineer at Uber in San Francisco since July, 2017. I am on Data Workflow Management team. Our product is called Piper.

I hold a master of engineering degree in computer science from University of California, Berkeley. I worked on a research project Scaling Up Deep Learning on Clusters, advised by Prof. John Canny.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Zhejiang University, where I graduated with highest cumulative grade points, and some distinctions (e.g. Excellent Graduate, etc.).

During my senior year, I visited Singapore Management University, did a research on Detecting Similar Repositories on GitHub, advised by Prof. David Lo. We later published a paper on IEEE SANER 2017.

Xi’an, Shaanxi is my birthplace. I stayed here for 16 years before graduating from Xi’an Gaoxin No.1 High School. I am proud to be from this culturally enriched city. (World’s most populous city in 1000 BC, 200 BC, 700 AD).

You can explore more about me by reading my academic projects, extracurricular activities, so on and so forth.

I do magic, play piano, and compose Chinese poetry in my spare time. I also trade stock. On Sep 5. 2017 morning, I have made $16.68 (pre-tax).