Academic Projects


Social Network…


•Formulated epidemiological model of trusted social networks
•Proposed an architecture design for blockchain-enabled social networks
•Conducted numerical simulation that validated the model design

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Scaling Up Deep Learning on Clusters

•Extending state-of-the-art machine learning library, BIDMach on clusters of cloud machines with GPUs
•Improved BIDMach distributed communication system that allows clusters to run model-parallel algorithms

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Detecing Similar Repositories on GitHub

• Invented a GitHub repository recommendation algorithm based on two heuristics leveraging data not considered before
• Developed the corresponding system, RepoPal based on a large amount of data mined from GitHub
• Demonstrated that RepoPal outperforms CLAN (state-of-the-art) in precision by 20% and confidence by 41%
• Analyzed other advantages of RepoPal, including non-language-specific and less computation cost

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Scene Recognition

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Interactive Digital Photomontage

Featured Image
• Constructed an image fusing software system based on algorithms including Graph Cut and Gradient Domain Fusion
• Optimized the parameters of data term and smooth term to lower cost function, providing the best result
• Explored a new feature and the corresponding cost function that can reduce interaction by 70% and running time by 60%
• Refined the approach by using a local Gaussian mask, reduced artifacts of fused images when the smooth area is split

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3D Reconstruction

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Edge Detector

other results
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Hybrid Images

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A Mobile App Search Engine

AppNow Result
• Designed a mobile App search engine that solves the mismatch between its product name and underlying function
• Utilized information retrieval algorithms (e.g. Page Rank and tf-idf) to efficiently and effectively search through dataset
• Introduced new resources of data including description and reviews of an App, and assigned different weights to them
• Demonstrated that AppNow outperforms than Google Play search engine in precision and recall based on given dataset